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Soft Impact Auto Vinyl

Camel Verona
Med LT Stone Verona
Steel Gray Verona
Charcoal Black Verona
LT Frost Beige Caprice
Med Khaki Caprice
DK Khaki Caprice
LT Graystone Caprice
Med Graystone Caprice
DK Slate Caprice
LT Cashmere Longitude
LT Titanium Longitude
DK Titanium Longitude
Ebony Longitude
Camel Milled Pebble
LT Camel Milled Pebble
LT Parchment Milled Pebble
Med Parchment Milled Pebble
Sand Milled Pebble
Pebble 3 Milled Pebble
Med Stone Milled Pebble
Med LT Stone Milled Pebble
Med Graphite Milled Pebble
Med DK Stone Milled Pebble
Med Flint Milled Pebble
DK Flint Milled Pebble
Ebony Milled Pebble
Brick Corinthian
Snow Perf Monticello
Snow Monticello
Cappuccino Cream Perf Corinthi
Cappuccino Cream Corinthian
Shale Perf Corinthian
Shale Corinthian
LT Oak Corinthian
LT Neutral Perf Corinthian
LT Neutral Corinthian
LT Cashmere Perf
LT Cashmere Corinthian
LT Titanium Perf Corinthian
LT Titanium Corinthian
LT Gray Corinthian
Med Gray Perf Corinthian
Med Gray Corinthian
Med Pewter Corinthian
Ebony Perf Corinthian
Ebony Corinthian
Med Prairie Tan Perf
Med Prairie Tan G-Grain
Med Parchment G- Grain
Med Graphite G-Grain
Med Flint G-Grain
Black Wallaby
Torch Red Perf Monticello
Torch Red Monticello
Graphite Monticello
Very DK Pewter Monticello
Med Gray Monticello
Med DK Pewter Monticello
Med Neutral Perf Monticello
Med Neutral Monticello
Med Beige Monticello
Shale Monticello
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  • American Foam Soft Impact Auto Vinyl 54"
  • 30 yds in a roll
  • Price discount at 10 and 30 yds.
  • 35 oz. per linear yard
  • Meets MVSS-302
  • Meets Cal 117-2013
  • Auto, RV, hospitality, residential and office furniture.